April 30, 2008

Why does it have to look so good?

Yarn that is. Impulse buys are going to kill me. Help! I've drowned in my own stash. That is what my tombstone will read. So, we won't go into that especially since I didn't have to sit on the box lid to close the stash box. :)

D pointed out to me yesterday that I don't have to crochet all the pieces in one night. Hmm...I guess that might be why my shoulder is a bit sore. It's not close to being done and I have not idea how I'll piece this together, but the sewing is something I'm not looking forward to. The crocheting is easy.

I'm going to A Knitted Peace this Friday. If you're bored you should go to. $12 yarn tasting party. Why the heck not. If my link didn't work Google their website and look at their newsletter. I'm going to be about an hour late because of the drop of thang, so hopefully I won't end up with the ickiest color ever, but it'll be cool yarn and new people. Should be grand.

April 28, 2008

3 days...

...until May 1.

May 1 being my 2nd year blogiversary. I will see how many lurkers I have. I'm thinking 3.

I'm not sure what the prize will be. It will either be a sock yarn of something, I was thinking Shibui however, my little ones do not have much tolerance for 1) yarn stores, 2) mom's weird need to always run "errands" to them. Therefore this weekend I did not make it up to Knit Knack to pick up some (yes, I know I have some, enough to drown myself, but it's it's in my stash and seems so very happy). So, my dilemma is this, I may just pick up some lace from A Knitted Peace tomorrow as I will be in that area of town, and hopefully it will be warm as I will be carless.
Reading back...I may just stash bust. It would probably save my sanity and give me a reason to order a few more colors from Simply Socks.

Onward. Yesterday my girl kid decided that her special friend of the day was going to be Furrball from Tiny Toons. She renamed him "Bob." Bob went everywhere with us yesterday, yarn store, haircut, home, park, home, park, haircut, ice cream, home. You may have noticed home and park were in there twice, this was not a typing error, but my reality as I have a boy child who always insists that he does not have to go to the bathroom only to find out frantically that he does once we arrive (sometimes before) that he has to go. If you see my car on the side of the road...yeah. Anyway, Bob was noticed missing at bedtime. Rats. I hate to admit that I actually have this weird sort of emotional tie to Bob. You see Bob was once mine. I got him on a trip to Florida with my parents. I think one of the last trips I went on with them really, because then I just became too cool to hang out with my parents for any length of time. So, my stupid inner "only" child was pretty annoyed at my girl child for forgetting Bob somewhere. I know, I know, then why give it to her to play with? Well, I'm over 30 now, do I really need hundreds of stuffed animals? I mean I don't sit up late at night playing tea party with them, and really they do sort of sit in my variety of plastic bags and boxes lest they take over the house. I couldn't be mad at her, she was very upset at forgetting Bob. I can understand that...sort of...stupid only child syndrome, everything is mine.

Bob was located at the haircut place. He was a little miffed about hanging out there all night, but the girl was very happy to see Bob.

So, my lesson for the week it to let go. This is a very helpful lesson really, because my inability to let go of issues causes me to worry about everything. Less stress would be a good thing right?

The good news. I called the haircut place today and they have Bob. I will pick Bob up after work. See? All that worry for naught.

I have resurrected the project of this scarf for friend. I worked on it last night. Can you tell? I can't either. I have come to realize between watching Captain Janeway and crew try to get back to the Alpha quadrant and SSK that I'm not sure how to end this scarf. By end, I mean how to do the last triangle. It started from a right angle to an equilateral triangle...how do I get it back to the right angle? The directions are a little confuddling. My solution it to make a mini version of this...bookmark sized and puzzle it out. I'm sure this will only confuse me more. I can't wait to finish off this scarf though. I'm not very excited about this yarn. You know, when I first bought this type of yarn (I have 3 more colors of this stuff) I had grand ideas of them becoming sweaters for the kids. Riight. Since this scarf I have learned...um...no way. So those colors will become scarves...but hopefully scarves where you don't have to knit and then knit in the back of same stitch at the beginning of each odd row. I don't know why my eyes seem to think boucle yarns seem so fascinating...because my brain knows better.

My granny square crochet is progressing. 4 squares. They take me about 30 minutes to crochet. Longer than I thought, but mind numbing. So mind numbing in fact I think I messed up the 3rd one by forgetting to ch1 at the beginning of one of the white sc. Poo. I will not frog the square. I will not frog the square. It's not as off as the pink one I ch3 in each corner instead of ch2, and let me tell you, that makes a big difference. I'm not looking forward the the sewing. If only projects could sew themselves. Maybe that is why I've only really made socks and scarves. I don't have to sew them.

Happy warm week.

April 27, 2008

And fin...

I found a basket. Finally. I did go to the Ross/TJ Maxx stores seeking one. I gave up and just went to the Container Store, which had them in 4 different colors. It's high enough to keep the yarn from crawling out of it I think. It's perfect to sit on my couch, and should deter the children son from stepping inside of it. It even has a nifty zipper.

My order from Crash Into Ewe came in the mail yesterday I think. It's so pretty. Red and sparkly. I think I'm yarned out now until June.

Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to knit with all this lovely sock yarn.

Lastly, I got to go check out Purls of Wisdom in Parker, CO today. Only because hangs head in shame, they have Flat Feet in stock. This stuff just looks so nifty that I couldn't help it. It also makes me realize that I'm very happy I don't live any closer than I do to this store. This place is *great.* Not only did Jen the owner offer that it is okay to just come over and hang out at the store, but the kids can come too. She has a little TV and VCR set up in the back with kid sized chairs. She also carried dyes for wool and roving. What more can I ask for. Sunbeams? Yup, her store had those too at 10:00 AM. Sold on this store.

Atmosphere: 4 sheep
Smaller without feeling crowded at all. Inviting and the knitting areas are well lit.

Kid friendly: 5 sheep
Jen, the owner, has set up a small area in the back of her store with a TV and VCR with kid-sized chairs.

Product: 4 sheep
Nice selection. Could use a bigger selection of sock yarn, but they carry Flat Feet. I'm not complaining. They also sell roving and dye.

Staff: 5 sheep
Very friendly and willing to assist in any information about the product or project you may be considering.

WTF (willing to frequent): 5 sheep
I've never had a yarn store owner say to me that it's okay just to come by and knit in the store's atmosphere. That was really neat actually.

April 26, 2008

New Obsession

Like I need another one.

Plastic yarn. I really meant it. :) Here are the plastic bags at my house. More than I can possibly ever use for trash in my life. They just grow exponentially.
I separated them into color and the into the ones I want to use for my bathroom trash cans.

Here is the waste so far from 2 bags.
These were vegetable bags from the grocery store.

Here is the result of yarn so far. I'm intrigued how this will knit/crochet.

So, if anyone happens to run into any plastic bag (that has not had raw meats or pesticides inside) that is not white or brown in color, send them my way if you happen to think about it. Seriously.

April 25, 2008


Anyone see this? I want. Or I want to make some. Now I need a knitting machine. Damn.


Today is the second "jeans" day Friday they've had at work, well, since they brought it back. It's kind of nice. I'm easy to please. Give me work. Say thank you. Let me wear jeans. Now only if I could work from home. That would be super.

Hopefully when I get home I will have my order from Crash Into Ewe. I know, just what I need, another skein of yarn. Last one. Really. :) Rats. It didn't make it today. It's another silver skein in a red colorway. A friend of mine said it was soft, because I had mentioned that I was concerned that the others weren't going to be, and because of her comment I decided I needed a red skein. I think a black and purple skein would be nice too.

I have a new obsession interest pertaining to yarn, plastic yarn. Made from plastic bags of course. I have just a *ton* of these and I haven't remembered to take them to the little recycle kiosks at the grocery store. Soooo.... what better way to entertain my inner OCD child than with making yarn out of plastic bags?! Kind of odd aren't I? I think I have come up with a method too. I'm excited. I'll knit a bag or something. Too bad grocery stores don't make them out of really pretty colors. I think I only have brown and white. My kiddo wants me to make a bag for her. I'm excited and she's on this eco kick since hearing about Earth Day at school.

I started crocheting last night. Well, after I finished frogging these pink granny squares. I had made them a long time ago out of yarn, mixed with new yarns, from an afghan I frogged that I was going to make for myself and my X for our room. Oh well, I figured I wasn't crazy about the colors anymore and I didn't want to use the yarn that was something for us, so I thought I would use it to make something else. Unfortunately, when I started making the pink granny squares I made some, stopped, made some more, realized the squares were different sizes since I wasn't using the right pattern. Apparently I just made one up in my head. So I plundered on, corrected myself on the ones going forward, but there were 2 that bugged me. I figured that I would sew them in and no one would be the wiser.

Well, last night I decided that was BS and that I wanted to start on another afghan for my cousin's second son. So I frogged the pink ones, they were bugging me, and I started on some blue ones. I know...different color anyway. Stupid perfectionist brain. You really have no idea how hard it is for me to fix that one sock.

So, I will update this later and add pictures.

I've now added pictures. I don't know if Bloglines updates, updated blogs or not. Anyone know?

I took the kids to dinner tonight, which was nice family time for us. I also met Imbrium and her *husband* (grins) and gave them their wedding gift, which I did have at the time of the wedding but had left in the middle of the floor of my apartment when I was rounding up myself and the kids to get ready and leave. I was so worried we were going to be late, we ended up an hour early.

To my total surprise Imbrium gifted me with fluffy *greatness* from Rhinebeck. OMG. LOOKY!! Merino/Tussah and Tussah. My wheel drools. Thank you!!

It was so nice to run into you guys twice. lol.

Another good excuse to head up north is Black and Read in Arvada, CO. It's a used book/CD/DVD/VCR/game store. I heart this store.

I've always liked used CD stores. My girlfriend in high school introduced them to me when I was 14 or 15. 200+ CDs later I was hooked. Needless to say, my interests moved from there. Not to say that any of the games I've purchased there yet have been used, but they have the best discount in town IMO.

I think I've always loved games. This however was always difficult for me, being an only child. I remember many many times playing Life, Monopoly, PayDay, etc by myself. I'd max out the players and take turns and play for hours. My parents, especially my mom, was very good at taking the time when she was home to play the games with me, but I always wanted more players. My dad was pretty good at trying to understand the rules too, but didn't play as often as my mom.

This fascination has followed me to my adulthood. However, I am running into the issue of frequency of play, as in, not nearly enough. My friends are pretty spread out now, le sigh. I am toying around with an idea of having Friday themed nights, sending out to people I know and see how many people are interested in coming over to play a specific game, and then whatever after. This is a good idea...otherwise I'm just this odd sort of collector...with a yarn addiction.

April 24, 2008


My mom always told me I'd become a morning person when I grew up. Either she was 1) wrong, or 2) I haven't grown up yet.

I'm still sick. I hate being sick. I'm waiting for the sore throat and achy body to drop into my lungs. I'm not looking forward to this prospect.

I fixed my daughter's sock yesterday. The one with the stitch that never got knitted. I'm still not sure how I did this.

I'm convinced now I'm not sure if I know how to weave in ends of if I've been making it up all along. The first fix was terrible and I had to take it out. It looked like something gone wrong with embroidery.

This is a sock she has outgrown. My crappy fix will do, I will not frog the sock.

Can you see it?

How about now?

It's right above my finger. Oh, and in the sunlight theres a pretty little ladder too.

My sock perfection is far from...perfect. Sigh.

Well...well...someone also put the pattern on this yarn off about a foot. So there. Ha!

I'm still not convinced I like the look of short row heels. They just look sort of holey. I like the idea of toe ups, but not this heel, I want to try a skein of Noro with a gusset heel and see if I like that better.

Yesterday I received my order from Hazel Knits. This got here so quick. Wow.

I made the order with the intention of the dark pink that I just noticed listed. However, the light pink, light and dark green, blue and purple wanted to come along for the journey, so I had to order them too.

This yarn seems so soft and squishy and I love the semi solid shading effect of this yarn.

I finally picked up a green/black colorway. This one was from Kindred Spirits Yarn. It was just what I was looking for. Not too much green, not too much black, although more black would have been okay.

Now if you asked me why I was looking for this colorway, I can't tell you. I just think it's pretty.

April 23, 2008


A pretty spring day!

I'm sick. I hate being sick. What's worse? My ceiling is dripping...again.

I'm not finding much excitement in my breakfast, but I'm eating because I know I ought to.

No pictures of yarn or projects today. I did however think of the subject of topic for my blogiversary contest..."What makes a good blog?" I've been blogging, my knitting for 2 years now. I've had online journals for more than that. However, I still feel sort of like a newbie.

Anywho...blogiversary in May. I hope to see what kind of lurkers I have. :)

April 22, 2008

My relationship with the mail

Since I'm not so cool to pre-write blogs and remember to take all the pictures later...

This is my FO wine cozy. Cute. Can't wait to see what it looks like felted. It will be the first non clog I've felted. I like the green yarn with it's bits of color. I found it on clearance at the Recycled Lamb, years ago. It think the biggest trick will be to keep it from felting on itself.

This is the latest of the Noro scarves. I love the way the dark and the light are mixing together. There's another colorway of Kureyon that I think would look better, but I'm going to wait for an end of year sale. Besides, I have enough socks to keep me busy for years.

Yesterday in the mail I received stuff from Knit/Purl. They have Shibui AND they have new new colors of Shibui. I ordered, a lot. I think that Shibui will be my blog contest yarn, I just haven't figured out what color. I may wander up to Knit Knack and figure it out sometime in May or I may look on Simply Socks. I'm such a stash fiend.

I also received stuff from Damselfly Yarns. Apparently this was a dye and then a re-dye. It turned out lovely. I love the orangey/melon color, I think it goes so well with the pink and blue. I can't wait to see how this knits up.

I've realized something about myself recently. The more I seem to want stuff from the mail, the more distant I'm becoming socially. I'm not really sure what to make of it. I just happened to notice that I became very involved with swapping with penpals twice in my life and I've been feeling that desire to get back into that hobby again. However, I realize that the amount that I tend to get involved is very time consuming.

My ceiling is no longer dripping, now there is a gaping hole in the ceiling. We can please people some of the time but we can't please all the people all the time.

April 21, 2008


My apartment is leaking. This foul smelling drip from the fire extinguisher system. The bucket I placed under the slow drip is making the smell worse. Hopefully they will send the maintenance people soon.

My wine cozy is complete, and eagerly awaiting felting. I had enough yarn to make the handle. Now comes the test...how much will it shrink. Go me...patternless wonder.

I've been working on another Noro scarf out of Silk Garden. It's turning out well, soft and of course fun to watch the color changes. I'm pondering that I should finish up the other scarf and a pair of socks I started last year before diving head first into my sock yarn. If anyone who happens to read this and has any sock leftovers that you would like to get rid of...I'm willing to pay, at the very least postage, and depending on the size of the leftover, I'm willing to pay for the leftover. Send me your emails... taelixev AT gmail DOT com.

Speaking of sock yarn. Friday and Saturday left me with loot.

Woolgirl on Friday. I decided on Saturday to try and see how yarn photographs outside. Needless to say I did enjoy the results of the morning sun. I don't really have a good place to photograph though. I'll have to keep looking.

I think the pictures however do a better representation of the color of the skeins.

There was something wonderful with taking pictures in the warm sun with yarn in hand.

Purple, black and white. I wish there had been bigger skeins. I bought 3 just in case. I think they should make 1 pair of small socks.

Another black and purple skein. It didn't have white in it, but it's pretty. This is the picture that I over exposed. Ah yes, like everything in my life, I am in a hurry.

Lastly, blue and yellow. I think this will knit up interestingly.

One day I will update Ravelry. I'm not sure when. Perhaps one day during the summer. I might find a great place to photograph yarn near the pool or tennis court. I'll have to explore the area I live in more this summer.

Hazel Knits on Saturday. As always, quick delivery. I love how this yarn feels. I think the hardest thing for me sometimes is that I make a purchase of yarn and then I see a color that I didn't notice before and I want to acquire that too.

I've realized that I don't really have a plan for the sock yarn. My initial idea, that got me jumping into sock yarn, was a mitered blanket made out of sock yarn. I haven't been able to locate any really good deals in destashs (there was one, and it was sock yarn enough to make 10 adult sized socks for $30 including shipping, ever since I saw that I've sort of been very picky about what I think is a great deal on a destash) and there weren't any leftover sales, so I started buying new. Then I figured out how easy Etsy was to use...and well, it was all downhill from there. So, with new sock yarn, I feel as though they truly need to be socks (or something) before they are piece mealed into a blanket. I've only made really plain socks thus far in my knitting career. Stockinette stitch, 2x2 rib...you know, kind of plain, but I am excited to begin these projects. I suppose I'll see how long it takes for me to get utterly bored with the idea of socks.

April 17, 2008


Knitting is such a process to me. I love watching how the piece grows and shapes itself. This is too why I love working with variegated yarns.

My mailperson is not done delivering yet. However, my last order was ordered today. The colors of Shibui that Nachaele showed me today was just too much to resist. Who needs food, I have yarn.

Speaking of awesome beyond words. Nachaele brought me a pattern for the Transition Gloves and the Central Park hoodie today. She also brought me Malabrigo...blue, purple, and red. Gorgeous! I love love love how this stuff felts. I'm sure it will knit something nicely as well. It feels soft and not nearly as itchy as Kureyon, a scarf may be in order. Thank you Nachaele!

This is how the wine cozy looks so far. I have the top part and the handle to puzzle out still, as well as the felting.

I've discovered a use for this bucket too. My X-MIL gave me a bucket bath stuff for Christmas because she liked this bucket. I wasn't sure what to do with it, but it seems just the perfect thing for a small project and my couch.

This is the scarf for my friend. It just seemed like a good idea...and well, I apparently am the scarf maker. I think I can knit anything, but I always seem to make scarves. This is a multidirectional scarf. It's turning out sort of neat but the color transitions are just slightly longer than I anticipated. So it doesn't quite fit the picture I had in my head. Also I was hoping to start with black and end with black, however it makes for a very short scarf. Therefore, for the very tall person it will need to start with black and most likely end with white.

I can't wait until June. I need more spinning fiber.

In the mail today...3 packages greeted me.

This one is from Crash Into Ewe. This is the Jewel colorway. Pictures do not do this stuff justice. I'm not sure how it will knit up, but looking at it made me want al of the colors I could possibly get my hands on.

The reds look great the orange and green looked great. I don't know if I noticed a black or not, but I sure do hope she keeps making these great yarns for a long time.

This came from Stash Up Yarns. I liked the name, Peace Rose, on the left and the color on the right. Peace roses are my very favorite roses. This yarn looks just like one.

This came from Loopy Ewe. Angela is the colorway on the left. I love black and a contrasting colorway. The color on the left is Cosmic Dawn, it is silk and sea cell, and it is amazing to touch. I have plans for Cosmic Dawn in the form of a Clapotis, although this yarn is not worsted weight. Either way I think it'll make a grand scarf.

Okay, so my blog doesn't make any sense and doesn't follow any sort of writing pattern. That's what happens when I write part of the blog during the day and the rest at night.

I found this at Michaels today. It just screams felted bag to me. I hate it when yarn talks to me. I don't have a pattern in mind really, although the felted recycled bag pattern that I saw over the weekend and Knit Knack spoke to me.

I thought while I was driving home today what is my favorite color. I'm not sure. I'm still partial to purples, blues and blacks, but really I just enjoy yarn. Does the color rainbow count? Although I do have to admit that I had one friend who tried to buy yarn for me for 2 Christmas holidays and I wasn't exceptionally crazy about what she picked.

Lastly, aren't presents great? This one is for a friend. Won't she be surprised. :)

April 16, 2008

Snow day

I don't have a picture of the cloudy cold today. It depresses me. I don't know why this year especially, I am so over the snow.

I have completed my redo of my daughter's scarf. Here's to kids not acting like puppies and pulling on it again. I wish it was just a little longer, but it works out okay.

I also love Knitty Cat. I picked up some Noro Silk Garden the other day. I was inspired by a light colored yarn vs a dark colored yarn scarf, so I thought I would make one. Knitty Cat is having a sale in June and I couldn't bring myself to buy yarns that will be on sale then, even though the light colored Kureyon better. Sock yarn too is going to be on sale. I hope they get more in before the sale.

Last night I started my wine bottle cozy. I don't think I have enough of this yarn to make it completely olive green, so I used some Lamb's Pride on the bottom and depending on how tall this turns out I may use it for the top cuff and maybe a handle. I think this green yarn is going to felt wonderfully. It is fun to watch how the colors mesh together as I knit.

Other than that, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'm not sure by what. Relationship woes, car woes, tax woes, kid woes, work woes. Just a lot of woes.

My second yarn blogiversary is in May. I'm not sure what day, that's okay. As much as I think I can live online, I can't, although I do try. I think this year, since I didn't even acknowledge it last year I may have a contest...some just random number contest. I'll keep you posted.

I'm still into my sock yarn buying craze, although I think I'm starting to slow down as i run out of room to store it. I need to knit from my stash a bit before I start collecting more. However, I've said this before too. I would like to start a toe up sock with some Noro that I've stashed, although that has been kind of put on the back burner since I started another 1x1 rib Noro scarf. Someday I will update my Ravelry.

Today Starbug Knits delivered. Lovely orange and black, and pink and black sock yarn.

April 14, 2008


Today felt great. The sun was shining, the air was warm, my kiddo was sick. Springtime colds suck.

Fiber however, does not suck. Fiber is faboo...and this one came in the Saturday mail at the PO box.

This is from the Enchanted Knoll. It is a part of their blackbird series of batts. No, I don't like batts, but this one was irresistable. It has fine bits of silk and glitz in it. I can't wait to see how this spins up. It also came with a sample.

My other weakness...wool fiber to spin. Sigh...

Today, in the mail came from the Yarn Chef. It's black, white and red. It looks better in person than in pictures. I'm totally impressed.

Kathleen also sent a recipie and a stitch marker. I'm so excited to try both of these items out, and of course the yarn too.

Lastly, came Hazel Knits. I purchased Terrywinkle. This color is awesome. The yarn feels great.

This skein too came with a stitch marker. It's this lovely dark purple/blue and the picture does not to it justice.

Now, if I could just find the time to start knitting again. That would be nice too. ;)

April 13, 2008

Sunday yarn

I didn't get to my PO box at home quick enough last night so I had to wait for the office to open today.

I received beautiful Sangria from iWunder.

It's such a bright and spring like yarn. I'm not sure what I want to make out of it yet.

Something about the cool spring air and yellow just makes me so happy. I'll have to keep in mind yellow yarn at some point.

2 wonderful skeins Karen's Heavenly Creations.

Oh, how I love yarn, especially sock yarn. Now I just need to get crackin on making socks.

The blue skein has quite a bit more purple than I expected but it's beautiful and it's going to make a wonderful looking sock.

I think that the ones from Kindred Spirits Yarn are my favorites.

The black and the color just meld so wonderfully with each other.

Krystal also threw in a few Werther's candies. I haven't had these buttery tasting candies since I was little. I just love them. I also liked the dragonfly tissue paper. I've never seen tissue paper like that before.

My first order from Loopy Ewe. I think this online shop is great!

I got two skeins in a "shark" colorway. I bought two more Lorna's Laces, the colors are just so great. And an Ethos yarn in purple and black.

There was also a few yarn sample cards and a set of 3 cards in order to take an inventory of how many knitting needles you have. A great idea.

The best part was that they had a skein of color 407 by Interlacements. Not the same dye lot and I was worried by the picture online that it wouldn't even be close, but it is!

So happy!

What have I learned? When buying yarn on a vacation make sure you have enough yards to make 2 socks and don't just randomly impulse buy.

LYS are bad for my health

Okay. Here's the deal. No more LYS and no more yarn until the Estes Park Fiber festival.


I went to go check out Knit Knack today.

I really enjoyed the store. It was comfortable and there was no pressure to buy anything. The best part was that I walked in on a sale.

Sadly, the only yarn I found on sale was the one on the far left. A good thing either way. I also left with 4 skeins of Shibui, and 2 skeins of Hacho. Sock yarn will be my undoing. :)

Atmosphere: 4 sheep
This is a very cozy store. Much more of a feeling like it's okay not to just shop, but to sit down and knit too. They also serve coffee.

Kid friendly: 3 sheep
Seems as though kids are okay as long as they are not touching the yarn or picking things off of the shelves, like most stores.

Product: 4 sheep
Nice selection of sock yarn, and Shibui to boot. They carry KA needles and interchangable needles.

Staff: 5 sheep
This store can go from busy to quiet quickly. The staff does well in keeping up and assisting when needed.

WTF (willing to frequent): 5 sheep
Just for the Shibui alone I'd go to this store. I'd also go to this store so I can just sit there and knit.

Look what I noticed.

I found a cute little crochet hook to assist in the run and some ideas on how to correct this.

My daughter no longer fits in this sock, but it was my first toe up sock.

I also found a great WPI tool.


Now perhaps I can puzzle out what weight my handspun yarn is.

I learned something important today too. LYS are bad for me...it just causes random impulse buys. Although I must admit this one was good one.

I have a terrible relationship with bamboo...but these...are not only interchangable but they swivel.

I adopted a set today. Notice the size 7 that is missing and assisting in the reconstruction of my daughter's scarf. :)

Ah...if it's not the yarn, it will be the notions.

Today in my PO box, I happily discovered Sunrise. Yay. I love the red and black.

Thank you also for the pin and magnet. :)

I can't help but love mail.

Now if I could just figure out what projects to complete with the yarn.

April 11, 2008

Love mail...

So, sock yarn is my latest addiction, only to be followed by Japanese knitting books, although I have not yet acquired any of those. Probably a good thing for now.

So may I present the first of my acquisitions...

This is from Crash into Ewe. Orange and black, beautiful. It came with a little project bag and a magnet. I'm sure my daughter will acquire the bag once she notices it. Today it was hiding under the yarn and was safe.

I don't really have any plans for this yet. The orange shade is a little different in the evening light as opposed to the afternoon light. I sort of had these ideas of socks for D, but I'm still not sure. I have black yarn, and I may acquire more solid color yarns. I like the idea of solid socks with variegated toes and heels.

The second package, with candies is from Ruby Sapphire Yarns. I got two from them. My daughter instantly loved the darker one. She has ideas that she wants me to make toys out of these yarns. She even drafted up a list of objects she wants.

Squid, octopus, dolls with clothes. So much for socks. I may have to get another dark set from them. I like the idea of a mostly solid yarn with dots of color strewn in it.

I'm sure I'll start knitting socks soon and quick collecting yarn.

I love the toe up socks idea, but I hate the short row heels. They just don't look quite right to me, and I haven't mastered how to make them without holes.

Beemer Knits was the last package today. Not only did the yarn come, but lovely vanilla bath salts.

My daughter likes the smell of the bath salts, she thought it was coming from the yarn. She was disappointed when it wasn't and thought it would be neat if it did.

I love this colorway. I love colorways with bold colors and black. Green and black, blue and black, purple and black...

Not sure what to do with this quite yet, but the colorway spoke to me.

I'm debating if I want to take the TKGA's master knitter program. I'm not sure. However, I've added to my books. I thought these would help inspire. At this point I want to add some Japanese stitch books to my collection. The designs are interesting and delicate looking. So, hopefully I'll learn how to read some graphs.

I'm sure at some point I'll get back to actual knitting and spinning.