January 31, 2008

Maybe some could explain to me...

...why I pay my taxes every year. I think a part goes to public eduation. I think. Not sure really, I've never seen the check.

Why do I get letters for please donate $5.00 to our silent auction. Yes, $5.00 isn't much, but what about the people who have 3 kids? Please buy books from our book club...I now get 5 pamphlets, almost every other month. They sell DS and gameboy games. This is beyond stupid. What happened to the $0.99 books? Why are they selling entire 29 book series now for just $29.99!

So, please, someone explain what happened to the ability to knit a potholder and donate it to your kid's class silent auction basket? My kid's basket last year...consisted of and i-pod!!!


An i-pod AND a $75.00 itunes certificate...it may have been $50.00...am I the only one who thinks that that is COMPLETELY insane???

I'll make a scarf, I'll make a dishrag...I'll teach someone how to knit. But buy an ipod??? I can't afford to get one for my kid. Oh, and last year she was only in the first grade people. Yes, I believe that a bunch of 7 year old kids thought of an ipod. What kind of fool does this overpresumptious, popularity contest, mom think?!

(apology to the presumptious...well, sort of)

Oh not to mention the 2 snacks a day my kid gets. America is overweight...I wonder why...is it possible because we're feeding our children snack stuff from a box twice a day so that by the time I get them home and put some veggies into them they turn their noses and make gagging sounds? Yea, super.

My ex mother-in-law sent me roving. For fixing her computer that either of her sons are too lazy to help her fix.

My *boyfriend* and I have assisted her with fixes around her house. This boggles my mind...

My EX mother-in-law...sends me items because I help and I keep in touch. Fascinating when families fall apart. Sad really. I don't understand why people do this to themselves really.

I have friends doing this to each other right now, and I just can't figure out the motivation.

It's beautiful though. I was totally surprised. It's a complicated story. But it was a very sweet thought.

I've finished the roving from Pagosa Springs. Turned out pretty good I must say. But it bleeds a lot when washed. I added vinegar and let soak, but it still ran.

(heh, the gloves remind me of Dexter's Laboratory.)

It's still drying. 10oz of fluff!

Not too bad eh? I <3>

January 21, 2008

I'm starting to understand...

...I have a weakness.

A weakness for kitchen gadgets and food, card/board games, yarn, hello kitty, scrapbook supplies, fimo. This is the latest one in my collection. A rice cooker yay. I don't eat rice really. My daughter loves it though.

The issue, my apartment stove. The stove I used to own cooked many a thing wonderfully. This stove...not so much. I figured out that the oven cooks at least 25 degrees higher than what it is set to, and the burners...I'm not so sure.

Rice...I just don't like babysitting it. I never seem to get the proportions correctly either and I hate cleaning the pot.

But I try.

This however is the solution...at least for me. I had a friend who owned one and he just loved it. That and the ice tea maker...but I don't think I'll acquire one of those.

So today, as a first try...white rice and forbidden rice. As I was reading reviews yesterday...I ended up taking back the first rice maker I bought yesterday and purchased this one about 6 hours later...someone was talking about forbidden rice. Purple rice! What better to go with the purple potatoes...oh wait...those freaked out the daughter...well, colorful food...why not.

They'll eat pho, and asparagus, but they won't eat cheese in eggs.

On the knitting front...nothing really. I frogged a scarf and restarted it because it wasn't wide enough after suggestion by the person it's for. They said it was fine and not to frog it but...after the suggestion I just wasn't satisfied with it any longer.

I finished spinning the roving from Pagosa Springs. Now I'm starting to ply.

My wheel is squeaking a little, I'm not sure where it's coming from. It's driving me quite crazy. I've oiled everything I could think of. Argh. Suggestions? Anyone?

First time as a 2 ply. Not too bad.

January 10, 2008

Happy New Year


Out to the endless sea of bloggers...maybe someone will run across this site. Maybe it'll just be me. I remember being so full of stuff to write, a long time ago. Now, I just don't really have that much to say. Surely, I think still. It's just that when I get some free time to myself I'd rather knit, read, spin, craft, play WoW, instead of load up pictures and write about them. I've always been bad with pictures anyway. I either forget the camera, take the camera and forget to take te pictures or something.

Like the crock pot lid. Which I did happen to find. My son acquired it into his play kitchen where the cars were using it to race...somehow.

2008. Another year.

I'm starting to feel old. I'm feeling lazy, and there's nothing I seem to want to DO to fix it. Oh, you know like get off my soft bottom and do a sit up. I remember being very skinny. I still have my skinny pants. I find myself wondering what it would have been like to be 25 without a little kid, and a tummy that looked like a raisin.

So my resolutions I'll find time to do when I'm dead...

1. lose 10 pounds.
2. eat healthier.
3. exercise on a regular basis.
4. be calm.
5. learn control.
6. learn patience.
7. knit more.
8. design and create.

That's a pretty good list. I'm a train wreck.

January 02, 2008

Note to self...

...make crockpot recipes from scratch. Things from bags do not turn out well when you do not pay attention to them.