April 13, 2008

Sunday yarn

I didn't get to my PO box at home quick enough last night so I had to wait for the office to open today.

I received beautiful Sangria from iWunder.

It's such a bright and spring like yarn. I'm not sure what I want to make out of it yet.

Something about the cool spring air and yellow just makes me so happy. I'll have to keep in mind yellow yarn at some point.

2 wonderful skeins Karen's Heavenly Creations.

Oh, how I love yarn, especially sock yarn. Now I just need to get crackin on making socks.

The blue skein has quite a bit more purple than I expected but it's beautiful and it's going to make a wonderful looking sock.

I think that the ones from Kindred Spirits Yarn are my favorites.

The black and the color just meld so wonderfully with each other.

Krystal also threw in a few Werther's candies. I haven't had these buttery tasting candies since I was little. I just love them. I also liked the dragonfly tissue paper. I've never seen tissue paper like that before.

My first order from Loopy Ewe. I think this online shop is great!

I got two skeins in a "shark" colorway. I bought two more Lorna's Laces, the colors are just so great. And an Ethos yarn in purple and black.

There was also a few yarn sample cards and a set of 3 cards in order to take an inventory of how many knitting needles you have. A great idea.

The best part was that they had a skein of color 407 by Interlacements. Not the same dye lot and I was worried by the picture online that it wouldn't even be close, but it is!

So happy!

What have I learned? When buying yarn on a vacation make sure you have enough yards to make 2 socks and don't just randomly impulse buy.

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