April 11, 2008

Love mail...

So, sock yarn is my latest addiction, only to be followed by Japanese knitting books, although I have not yet acquired any of those. Probably a good thing for now.

So may I present the first of my acquisitions...

This is from Crash into Ewe. Orange and black, beautiful. It came with a little project bag and a magnet. I'm sure my daughter will acquire the bag once she notices it. Today it was hiding under the yarn and was safe.

I don't really have any plans for this yet. The orange shade is a little different in the evening light as opposed to the afternoon light. I sort of had these ideas of socks for D, but I'm still not sure. I have black yarn, and I may acquire more solid color yarns. I like the idea of solid socks with variegated toes and heels.

The second package, with candies is from Ruby Sapphire Yarns. I got two from them. My daughter instantly loved the darker one. She has ideas that she wants me to make toys out of these yarns. She even drafted up a list of objects she wants.

Squid, octopus, dolls with clothes. So much for socks. I may have to get another dark set from them. I like the idea of a mostly solid yarn with dots of color strewn in it.

I'm sure I'll start knitting socks soon and quick collecting yarn.

I love the toe up socks idea, but I hate the short row heels. They just don't look quite right to me, and I haven't mastered how to make them without holes.

Beemer Knits was the last package today. Not only did the yarn come, but lovely vanilla bath salts.

My daughter likes the smell of the bath salts, she thought it was coming from the yarn. She was disappointed when it wasn't and thought it would be neat if it did.

I love this colorway. I love colorways with bold colors and black. Green and black, blue and black, purple and black...

Not sure what to do with this quite yet, but the colorway spoke to me.

I'm debating if I want to take the TKGA's master knitter program. I'm not sure. However, I've added to my books. I thought these would help inspire. At this point I want to add some Japanese stitch books to my collection. The designs are interesting and delicate looking. So, hopefully I'll learn how to read some graphs.

I'm sure at some point I'll get back to actual knitting and spinning.

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