December 21, 2007

Almost ready...

So the bad news is, no one turned in the blankie. I'm more upset than my son, which is good news. Although he tells me he misses his yarn blankie.

Finished, clogs for EB. Kind of a fuzzy picture. Herm.

Anyway, felting in the new Woolite bag was delightful. No trying to keep the pillowcase shut. Fuzzballs contained inside. Super!

Rabbit done for AW. Now just to mail. Sadly not in time for Christmas, but pretty close. I hope to make more, they're awfully fun to make. I hope to make one for JB and a co-worker. Although I'm not sure if I'll have time to complete one for the co-worker.

Christmas present done for J. He even said I could actually embroider the face on it. I had to resew a leg on since he got excited and pulled it off a few weeks ago.

Christmas present done for C. Three of them. Have I ever mentioned how I'm not fond of sewing? I'd enjoy knitting a lot more if I enjoyed sewing more. But necessary evil. Turned out pretty cute. The pink, white, purple and gray yarn is all handspun. That was fun to spin and knit.

I wish I could think of more things to do with my handspun.

Happy Holidays!

December 20, 2007


I've lost J's blanket. The one I made him. The one I made in pastel colors because I was convinced he was going to be a girl. The one I bordered in blue shortly after he was born. Damn.

Updated 03/24/08, someone finally turned it into the lost and found. :)

December 18, 2007

A test...

Boy child has a concert this week. I felt compelled to find a camera that takes super pictures plus video with sound. Mostly video with sound. I am an impulse buyer. Bad bad habit. So one of my big tests with the new camera is to see how it compares to close up shots.

Here's the old camera. 3.2 MP bought 6 years ago or so. It's served me well. The videos are tiny and there isn't any sound. The pictures look pretty good.

Here's the new camera. 8.0 MP bought yesterday.

It's closer. It's pretty much in focus. I like it. It makes videos with sound. Supposedly it eats batteries like it's going out of style, but the smaller cameras kind of scared me...tiny and so...well, tiny.

Oh yea, this is my second bobbin on the fleece from Pagosa Springs. Not too bad eh?

December 14, 2007

No knitting for you!

At last we met I had a bunch of doors, stairs and windows primed.

Since then I have primed the house. Much more fun than sanding. Much more fun than priming doors and windows.

Who knew it took so long. So I finished last weekend sanding the primer. Not going to sand doors and windows. Lazy. A little scared. Really, just running out of time. Santa hasn't even wrapped any presents yet. How is it that I always seem to go over board with holidays and parties?

Last weekend I finished painting the outside. Took me until midnight to get the right blue. Gray blue has quite a bit of red in it. Who knew? After mixing up almost 2 cups of paint I finally figured it out. I was happy. a tad darker than I envisioned but, works well.

D suggested why don't I just leave it primed and let C pick out the colors. Well, that wouldn't work then would it? Santa's elves do a half assed job? Seems sort of not right. Or maybe this is really my dollhouse. Nah. It's easier this way...

So by the time the weekend was over, I had this. One painted kitchen, all ceilings, and a boy's bedroom. Super. Now just to do the other 4 rooms, the floors, and windows/doors/stairs.

I'm going to be busy this weekend.

I also...totally spaced the KPH at my house. SO embarassed.

At least Imbrium called. o_O