May 06, 2008

Birthday baby

Tomorrow my baby will be 4. Kinda crazy how quickly time is slipping by.

Today we went to breakfast, hung out at the park, went to Posh, went to the store to buy cookies for class tomorrow, and to another store to buy a birthday present.


The only picture I have is this. He helped me pick them out. Ah, yes, training my little ones to pick out yarn. Posh is a nice store, they have roving. It's small, parking can be complex, but they carry Shibui and Happy Feet. I liked the name of this store and the owner is very friendly.

Also, Imbrium, is the pattern gusset similar to this one? I'm lame, I know I could just email you too.

Lastly, a contest! Go check it out.

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Imbrium said...

Essentially, yes, the heel technique is about the same. My first go at toe-up flap heels was a disaster, but I got myself straighted out by the second go-round.