March 19, 2008



This bag is so freakin' cool. I liked the cranberry one in person, but the lining was very stiff and I couldn't get the darn drawstring to close fully. I did try. A lot. Oh well. I like this one too.

Just what I need. Another pointless object. I heart it.

It occurred to me I could probably just use a yoga mat bag, but this is pretty durable. I suppose I could try to make one, but I'm not very talented with any shape other than a square.

I've also never lined a thing in my life. This works much better.

I'm excited.

1) It'll hopefully distribute the weight evenly-ish on my back instead of my side bag or my backpack.

2) You can wear it while knitting.

3) I think it's stylish. I'm telling you, the red one was really really pretty.

Inside is my favorite yarn ;p it's going to be a multidirectional scarf. It's turning out sort of the way I think it should. I think I should make one out of Noro someday.

This was my quick fix to my size 6 needle that my son accidentally stepped on. The project of stealth was partiallyknitted on this as well as my trusty old aluminum needle.

This fix consisted of craft glue (which didn't hold) and nail polish (which did). Quite clever. I'll have to remember that trick, or just settle for knitting needles sold at LYS.

The replacement finally arrived. Much, much sooner than I expected which was great. Although I had already finished the project of stealth.

It'll be ready for next time. I've also acquired some DP out of the harmony wood. Not as fascinating as the circulars, but still neat looking. Shorter than I usually knit with, only 6 inches. I would have preferred the 8 inches. Oh well. This works.

I also picked up some bare wool for my dye experiment. I didn't take pictures of that. I figure the kids and I can take out the crockpot sometime and some food coloring to try it out. I am sold on the whole acid dye thing...but really, studios...outside, vented...away from the house is a good thing.

Anyone interested in the fish tank...


I have fish!

The bacterial bloom has cleared itself up. No casualties. Woot.

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