January 18, 2007

Why do I blog?

Well, that's a good fucking question. If anyone has ideas please let me know. It's a weird little exhibitionism quirk in my brain I suppose. It's not as though I really want people to know what I'm thinking. It would be truly fun to be completely anonymous and let it all fly. Just one of those moods after getting off a phone call with my favorite person, because it's always my fault.

On to other items though. Here is the scarf I finished for my friend. He loved it and wears it all the time now. He says it's warm. It matches his jacket too. I wasn't too sure about the orange and black combo, but it seemed to work okay. It may be the last time I ever knit a scarf lengthwise though. First time I ever knitted anything for a man who was not related to me. Not even the X got anything out of me. But then again, I never thought he'd truly appreciate something from one's heart and hands.

I finally finished the blanket I started 2 years ago. It will be sent in a package to my sister. How odd it is as an adult to know now that I have a sister. Especially after being raised an only child.

A closer view of the Korean and English. The variegated yarn made interesting patterns once you stand back.

Hehe...I must work on my photography skills. I tend to get in a hurry and suddenly you notice a baby buggy wheel in the corner or extremely clashing colors or background texture.

I must remember that single crochet on a G hook takes a long time. But I admit I am not the world's fastest knitter or crocheter...I just enjoy the process.

A picture of the edging. She had a baby girl, if I understand correctly. When I designed it, it was going to be for a woman I hardly knew who was going to have a boy. However, this seems a much more appropriate present for my sister than for this woman who I have now lost touch with. I thought the lacy edge would be a good touch.

Going forward onto projects that I'm working on now...well, this blanket is taking the lead right now. I love self striping yarn. Have a mentioned this before? Haha. It's turning out well, now that I've figured out how many stitches to pick up on the side roughly...since I'm making this up as I go along. Fun stuff! Should be more interesting as I progress.

I finished one of two socks. Is it just me or is it always harder to knit the second sock...motivation wise really. I'll take a picture when the second one is done...heck, he's waited 4 years so far, what's 4 more?

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Stitchen for Kids said...

Your sister is going to love that ~ what a great gift!!