June 27, 2006

It's a start

I'm still wicked tired.

But I thought I'd post a few pictures.

My car...yes yes...I did NOT hit a parked car this weekend...thank goodness...but this is the damage to my car by the beemer. Doh. The rear is going to be replace. At least it's covered by insurance.

The view from the cabin I stayed at for KHC. I had to buy more sock yarn before I left, just in case, I finished the sock I was working on. Of course I didn't finish that sock, which was fine since I had left my spare set of double pointed needles and a darning needle at home.

Look it's me with an olympiad...but I took the picture down...doh.

Hee, hee, we look like tourists! We took over the Pizza Hut in Winter Park and I think scared some of the customers.

It was a good time. I am glad I went. New faces, old faces...it was a good time.

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